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History of SRBA

The Southeastern Retail Bakers Association started out as the Southeastern Master Retail Bakers Association in the fall of 1972. The association was formed with the vision of sharing ideas and helping the retail baker be a better baker and businessman. The founders were bakers from North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, who felt this area needed to have an association for bakers, governed by bakers. These wise and industrious bakers were Gene & Lil Wilson, Joe & Phyllis Cinotti, Jim & Winnie Freeman, George & Winnie Rhodes, James & Willie Mae Lary.  Their next generations and family are still active in our association and the baking industry. The idea that a bakery association should be run by and for the retail baker is still upheld by SRBA's by-laws.      
In January of 1992, SMRBA merged with the Carolina Retail Bakers Association to form the Southeastern Retail Bakers Association. Retail bakers hold the elected offices and plan all of the programs for the workshops and conventions, but our Allied Advisors contribute valuable input and advise on the SRBA Board.  In 2014, the SRBA partnered with Virginia College and their Culinard program to include Culinary Educators in an effort to further grow the baking industry.    
The SRBA has traditionally had one convention a year, at which we have an extensive and informative program along with an Allied Booth Exhibit and Competitions. In previous years we've held hands-on workshops in different member bakeries rotating throughout the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Alabama.   Culinard has also played host to our Workshops in their schools, providing the perfect backdrop for hands on and classroom learning.  As our new partner they have offered to host Workshops and Conventions at their locations, which has a school in every state that we service. Starting in 2014, we have Allied Vendor Booths at the Workshops for meeting vendors and making purchases at the show.  Learn more about our Convention and Workshops on our other web pages.  
In the fall of 1999,  RBA became partners with SRBA along with the other local affiliate Associations throughout the United States and established Universal Memberships. The memberships made the retail baker part of the national and local associations, enabling them to benefit from the programs and services offered by both. In 2010, RBA decided to no longer offer the Universal Memberships, but you can join both associations separately.  

The SRBA co-hosted several RBA conventions over the years.

  • The first was with the Carolina Retail Bakers Association in March of 1973.

  • 75th Diamond Jubilee Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1993.

  • Orlando Convention in 2004.

The SRBA also went together with the Deep South Retail Bakers and Greater Southwest Retail Bakers Associations, to have the Southern Regional Bakers EXPO 2002 in New Orleans.  
The economy made significant changes in the Association's membership.  Though we are fewer in number, the SRBA has sustained a viable Association thanks in great part to longtime members.  Many of our fellow associations weren't as successful.   The SRBA is committed to continue in their motto - Bakers working for Progress and Profit.  We are moving in a new direction to change with business.  

In addition to the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Alabama, we have members from other states that have chosen to be members of our Association. If you are looking for an Association that cares about you and your business, you've found your new baking family.

The SRBA's Board of Directors are a small group of bakers and entrepreneurs who have given their time and energy to move the Baking field and profession in a positive direction along with the changes in business climate.  SRBA Officers (President, Vice President, and 2nd Vice President) are comprised of Retail Members.  The Treasurer can be a Retail or Allied Member.  Officers typically hold each position two years as they progress on the Board to the rank of President and come from the pool of candidates on the Board of Directors.
SRBA Board participation requires Board Meeting attendance (minimum two meetings per year in different locations in the SRBA's territory), assistance with planning Workshops, Conventions, and the future of the SRBA. Board Members are ambassadors of the SRBA at Workshops and Conventions as well as the Welcome Wagon to bakeries and vendors who haven't heard about the Association.  They believe in the benefits of sharing business knowledge to make better business people.  Board members are nominated by other Board members to be invited. If you have interest in participating on the SRBA Board, please contact a Board Member to learn more.

The Emeritus Award honors those whose contributions have made a difference in the baking industry through their lifetime involvement in baking, decorating and sales.  

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