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When available, our Bakery Bus Tours are held on the Saturday of Convention Weekend.  Tours are a relaxing morning-to-lunch ride around the Convention area touring local bakeries, both SRBA Members and Non-Members.  Regardless of size, it's great to see the offerings and layouts that other businesses have applied.  For those on the tour, the visit at each bakery lasts roughly 30-45 min, depending on distances and number of stops.  

For those hosting at Tour Stop, thank you for allowing us in for a quick visit.  Don't go to any trouble for us unless you'd like.  We'll come when it's convenient for you, as we will be coming by on a Saturday. We're happy to browse your shop floor or  any areas we are permitted, guided by staff or not.  If you want to offer a sample of your House specialty, we'd be happy to take a bite.  We'll try to keep visitors on task so we don't overwhelm your register when we leave.  If you have any requests (no photography, etc), we'll be happy to comply.

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